«Elegant simplicity beyond time and fashion»

Nadezhda Danshyna

Nadezhda Danshyna

General manager

“Noble Dream” is modern clothing for women designed in the Purism style. Hallmarks of its appearance are simplicity and refinement.

Its elegant and impeccable style has contributed greatly to its appeal among millions of women all over the world. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Margaret Thatcher, and Jacqueline Kennedy are public figures who became enthralled with a modest approach to clothing and beauty.

Purism style is appropriate for working environments, theaters, and formal events. It accents elegance and aristocratism due to high-quality fabrics and mature cuts.

Nowadays Purism style is as relevant as ever due to the reappraisal of cultural values. Since the establishment of our company in 2009 we have won the hearts of many exquisite style devotees. Our mission is to embody the vision of restrained beauty, charm, and femininity.

“Noble Dream” is the elegant simplicity beyond fashion and time.